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 Streamglen lines

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PostSubject: Streamglen lines   Tue 04 Jan 2011, 3:33 pm


Whispering Love

The breeder, Silvia v.d. Meer, at 1990's NYTC Clubshow, with Whispering Love's Bleu Crown Jewel

Silvia with Private of Millmoor

Whispering Love from Silvia van der Meer started in the first '80 in Holland. Silvia buy her first Yorkies from Fred & Corita Rombouts (Polanerduin kennel), and from Princess Purley v.h. Polanerduin and Ozmilion Signification she had her first homebred show yorkie and foundation stud for her breeding programs : Theinny (at that time, 1984, the kennel wasn't already recognized by FCI).

From Princess Purley v.h. Polanerduin and Ch. Sir Esley from Francis Home, Silvia had 3 bitches: Whispering Love's Cassy Marie, W.L. Only Love and W.L. Cally Lou. The last one won as puppy the Clubshow in 1986, and W.L. Only Love was third. Most of the best dogs from Whispering Love's are from these three.

In 1986 Silvia buy the first yorkie from England, from Streamglen kennel (Mrs. Waldram & Mrs. Grundy), Streamglen Madonna. After, Silvia buy many other yorkies from Streamglen, untill 1991 when Mrs. Grundy stopped breeding yorkies. The Streamglen breedlines are very important in Whispering Love's kennel, and Silvia would like to thank the two English Ladies for their lovely yorkies .

From Ronnie Engelen Silvia buy Private of Millmoor and the bitch Quiethopes of Millmoor. From Lisbeth Vanhanen (Perro Carall's) Silvia buy Ch. Sea Star Pearl of Diamond and later on Perro Carall's Great Style and other yorkies.

Now Silvia has started again to show, and you can see her at the last show in Rotterdam (third place in Young Class with Perro Carall's Perfect Design)
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Streamglen lines
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