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PostSubject: Inbreeding   Sun 02 Jan 2011, 12:15 pm

Is the Biewer line from Mr. Biewer more inbreed than the Crownridge Line from Loryn? Both of these lines are the most know in the Parti-colored Yorkies world and many people only use these two breeding lines (don't introduce Yorkies back in) when there are many others out there that have not been so inbred. Many breeders in Germany started breeding Yorkies back in for new blood (genes) and a few breeders in the states have. I also have seen many Parti breeders doing the exact same things many Biewer breeders do and the inbreeding continues in the Crownridge lines. Blue puppies are coming out of the Crownridge lines so I would like to see a healthy discussion about these lines and the need to bring in new blood.

I might add, it does not help these dogs when people attack one line over the other line, so please keep this in mind when you post. We only want to do what is right for these dogs..

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