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 The Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom pon

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PostSubject: The Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom pon   Mon 04 Oct 2010, 12:41 pm

Late 1974/early 1975 Mr Biewer purchased 2 dogs from Streamglen Kennels, Streamglen Richard DOB:10/6/1972(photo) and Streamglen Flora. Streamglen Richard was a consistant championship show winner and became German Champion(photo). Mr. Biewer raised most of his dogs from Streamglen Richard.

Mr. Biewer Then began breeding Streamglen Richardto allof his Female Yorkies.

Streamglen Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Bonny VF came Iwy Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-4557 born 1975

Richard VDH/KFT-4554 and Streamglen Flora VDH/KFT-4977 came Muccu Von Friedheck born 1975 VDH/KFT-5116 ,

Richard and Anja von Friedheck VDH/KFT-2534 born 1970 came Tschi Tschi VDH/KFT-5906 Born 1976
Richard and Vadelle Olivia VDH/KFT-6907 came ZiZi Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-6909

Richard VDH/KFT-4554- was bred to EEV von Fiedheck born 1973 VDH/KFT-3996 came Kuss Von Friedheck-1977 VDH/KFT-7937

and Princess von Friedheck-1978 VDH/KFT-8085

Richard and Graziella Von Friedheck born 1975 VDH/KFT-4277 came Quardi von Friedheck-1978 VDH/KFT-7993

Quardi Von Friedheck-1978 VDH/KFT-7993 and Princess Von Friedheck-1977 VDH/KFT-8085 came Dinie VonFriedheck-1979 VDH/KFT-11186

Muccu Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-5116 and Iwy Von Friedheck VDH/KFT-4557 came Darling Von Friedheck-1980 VDH/KFT-13000

Quardi VF VDH/KFT-7993 and Tschi Tschi- VDH/KFT-5906 came Fru Fru VF-1980 VDH/KFT- 13197

Darling VDH/KFT-13000 and Dinie VF VDH/KFT-11186 came Diavoletto Von Friedheck-1982 VDH/KFT-20173

Darling von Friedheck-1980 VDH/KFT-13000 to Fru Fru Von Friedheck (born 1980)VDH/KFT-13197 came Schneeflockchen Von Friedheck-1/20/1984 VDH/KFT19362. A tri color female.

These dogs were the foundation of the Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom-Pon

Mr Biewer then bred Darling von Friedheck to Fru Fru Von Friedheck and on January 20, 1984 a beautiful tri colored Yorkshire Terrier was born, He named her Schneeflockchen Von Friedheck.
It is thought that a recessive piebald gene present in both dogs combined making the dominiant gene. It has also been hearsay/rumored other breeds were bred in and that a Shih Tzu cross occurred , These speculations/rumors are simply not true and Streamglen never bred anything but Yorkshire Terriers.

Mr. Biewer loved this color so he continued to breed for the tri-colored Yorkshire Terriers.

From here he line bred/inbred to keep producing the Parti colored Yorkshire Terrier.

Mr. Biewer first introduced his tri-colored dogs to the show ring in March 1988, at Wiesbaden, Germany.

The tri color yorkies were registered in VDH/KFT but They designated them as being of “wrong color, not for breeding or showing"” Mr. Biewer then began his search for a registry that would accept his Tri color Yorkies in the show ring as a variation of the Yorkshire Terrier. The ACH (Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland e.V.) was the first club to accept them as a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. The dogs were then registered as Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon. "Had they been accepted to show in the VDH as Tri- colored Yorkshire Terriers they would not have been called the variation Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom pon, they would have simply been Parti/Tri colored Yorkshire Terriers."
It has been said by some Biewer Clubs that Mr. Biewer never bred back to the traditional yorkie, That is not true. Mr Biewer bred Darling to several of his tri color females. He bred Darling to Grand Pom Pon to get Schneerose and he bred Darling to Schneeflokchen to get Schneewitten, and even as late as 1992 he was breeding to traditional color yorkies when he bred Schneewirbel von Friedheck(tri) to Janny von Friedheck(a blue and tan yorkie) just to name a few.

When Mrs Biewer was asked this question below in a letter:

Did you want the Biewer to be seen as an independent breed, or as a three-colored Yorkshire?

Her response was "Well, it is a Yorky, only 3-colored

Full Letter can be seen here

In 1989 when Mr. Biewer signed the standard for the Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom-Pon, it was that of a Yorkshire Terrier with the coloring being white-blue-gold. The standard was short and brief.

Mr. Biewer died in 1997 and his wife Gertrude Biewer dispersed all the dogs and discontinued the breeding program.

The first German Biewer Yorkshire club was established on May 24, 2003
After his death is when the USA started importing the Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom Pon and decided to rewrite history, They have changed its name and standard many times.

Some Clubs say it is a yorkshire Terrier, some say it is a breed of its own, some say its mixed with other breeds, each trying to get this little dog into AKC. Some say it is a cousin to the Yorkie though that cannot be because it came from 2 yorkies and those have all been bred back together. I ask this question if it is not a Yorkshire Terrier, then who bred another breed into these dogs to make it a separate breed?

Being born another color(out of standard)of a breed does NOT make it a new breed.

Some Clubs believe in breeding only Biewer to Biewer they say to keep the breed pure, Well, yes it does keep the breed pure because what they are doing is line-breeding, breeding a tri-color yorkie to a tri-color yorkie to produce tri-color yorkies. That is what Mr. Biewer did, He bred his tri colors to each other to get tri's. All were Yorkshire Terriers.

The Biewer Clubs must be very careful about all the linebreeding(Linebreeding concentrates the genes of a specific ancestor or ancestors through their appearance multiple times in a pedigree. When a specific ancestor appears more than once behind at least one animal on both the sire's side and yet another animal on the dame's side homozygosity for that animal's traits are possible) they are doing within the Biewer, as the gene pool was too small to begin with to start such a venture. In the years to come they will see the effects of all the Line Breeding.

Linebreeding is a form of inbreeding practiced by some animal breeders to "fix" desirable traits in a breed of animal, without as high a risk of producing undesirable traits that may occur with close inbreeding.

A typical example of linebreeding would be what in human parlance would be considered a mating of first cousins or more distantly related individuals who share a common ancestor.

While linebreeding is less likely to cause problems in the first generation than does inbreeding, over time, linebreeding can reduce the genetic diversity of a population and cause problems related to a too-small genepool that may include an increased prevalence of genetic disorders and inbreeding depression.

Think of it like this … if your family only bred with cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, grandparents and yes even mother to son and father to daughter ,the genetic gene pool would become very narrow. Yes, you would all resemble each other but your sickness and disease would increase by tapping into the same genetic pool.

AKC will not accept the Biewer into the registry because they consider it to be a parti colored Yorkshire terrier(A color variation of the Yorkie). The U.S. Biewer Clubs cannot agree and continue to debate over this Beautiful, Stunning Little Terrier as being another breed.

Mr Biewers Tri's were not the first ever born, On December 10, 1976 Joan Gordon and Janet Bennet had a tri color puppy born into their kennel from their Champion Wildweir line.. They did register him with AKC, but as black and tan because AKC had no tri color classifications at that time. "Trippy" lived to be 12 years old. Joan said quote " She had heard of tri's being born in England and that the tri-color yorkie was imported into Germany from English stock"

Mrs Margaret Grundy is still alive and living in England if anyone is so inclined to call her so she can personally tell you that there was no dogs mixed in with the Streamglen Yorkies.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the Biewer is a breed of its own, it is nothing more than a line tri color yorkies (Like the Durrer or Wildweir lines) that a man in Germany bred the tri color yorkie and called them after his own name.

In 1976 Joan Gordon and Janet Bennett published a book,

The Complete Yorkshire Terrier. In their Book they state;

"It is not unusual to find small white marks on one or more toes or a fine white line in the lower fore jaw. These will not be visible as an adult. A large amount of white marks on the chest, paws, jaws, or skull, places a yorkie into a tri-color classification and it is very wise to guard against this possibility. Yorkshire terrier puppies can be born of colors that automatically deprive them of the necessary qualities to become the proper colors of the breed. They can be born all black: all tan: tan with black points; tri-color: black, white, and tan; all blue; bluish grey with tan points; and so remain or change to another shade of their newly born colors. These mismarked Yorkie puppies are not the result of the mis-alliances or throwbacks but are rather the net product of incorrectly inherited genes which have failed to activate the pigment glandular system to providing what they require to be in accord with the yorkshire terrier standard. Puppies incorrectly colored or marked should not be sold as rare, they should not be registered as Yorkshire terriers, but should simply be found a loving home If one cannot bring oneself to having them put down."

So as you can see that in 1984 when Mr Biewers Tri color yorkie was born, it was not a new breed nor a cross breed. It was a tri-colored Yorkie born from 2 traditional colored championYorkies and instead of putting this mismarked puppy down he decided to inbreed and linebreed for more.

I would like to say that I love the Biewer just as I love Parti colored yorkies. I think they are one in the same. I just feel that the Clubs here in the USA that are promoting only Biewer to Biewer breeding at this early a stage will be detrimental to it down the road.

If you have any questions or information to add or would like to share your experiences, good or bad contact me at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

For a List of Von Friedheck Kennels Dogs Click Link below

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: The Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom pon   Sat 18 Dec 2010, 11:55 am

Deb, I can't thank you enough for doing what the Biewer Clubs in America and Germany have failed to do and that is connect the dots with the pedigree's The tri-color (Biewers)yorkies were not created in Germany as everyone says but England. Sure Mr. Biewer inbreed the dogs to get his stamp of how he wanted his dogs to look but he didn't create them. These dogs should have been VDH recognized but it would appear Mr. Biewer really didn't want to fight the fight on these animals, nor did anyone who he sold the dogs to. There is a lot of mis-information on the internet in order for American breeders to sell their dogs or to get into AKC but the majority of the info is made up. In the purebred dog world the pedigree's are everything...ask anyone in AKC what they think of their pedigree's and why they are so important...they connect the dots as Deb has done for the Biewers and the Parti's.

Sadly, because many breeders lack the knowledge to understand (read) pedigree's in the Biewers the inbreeding has continued. Mr. Biewer and Germany bred standard Yorkies back in because of the close inbreeding that went on with these dogs and the dogs that produced these pups in England. People cannot only read the pedigree's from FruFru and Darling but have to go back to the dogs from England that were also inbred. One club had a COI done on these dogs but they only started with Fru Fru and Darling and they have to go back to England and use Streamglen dogs to see the real picture...the COI will change when you use all the dogs that should be used.

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The Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom pon
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